Monday, October 3, 2011

A truly life enhancing 100 days!

So many variables can affect the outcome of this challenge that it was truly a shock to hear your name called with "1st. place winner" in the same sentence! Awesome to share the spot with James! 

Over the weeks of this thing, my wonderful trainer kept asking, "where do you want to be at the end of all this?" and I just said, "I want to win this thing,  I don't know why, I'm not really a competitive person, but I just really want to win!" And she would say OK, we're going to do it! But as we all kept seeing Paul B. shrinking before our eyes in the nutrition class,  I thought maybe 2nd or 3rd would be OK, and I kind of got a little down about it. And my husband just constantly said to me, that all of us are winners already!  Just making the changes in our lives and feeling so much healthier and energetic makes us all winners!!!!!
Thank-you to all of the organizers of this program.
Traci and Mindy and my wonderful trainer Daniell!  And every one else involved. 
I will never forget how awful that 1st 12 minutes was.... I don't want to ever want to feel that way again!
But most of all I will never forget how great I felt when I made it through a full 30 minutes on the elliptical.  (now I'm up to 40!)

My Dr. has been telling me for a long time that if I would just loose 10-15 lbs it could make a huge difference in my diabetes and over all health...but I really don't think I could grasp that, without going through this and experiencing such drastic changes for myself.

In 100 days watching everything I ate and working up to 1 1/2 hours 6 days a week and a gallon of sweat this is what my results were...

Total Cholesterol  was  320  now  192  (-128)
HDL  was 27  now   36  (+14)
Triglycerides  were  545  now   92  (-453)
Chol/HDL  was  11.9  now 5.3  (-6.6)
Glucose   was 169   now  114   (-55)
Blood Pressure   was   102/69  now   118/76
Pulse   was  79   now  68
% Body fat  was  35.3%   now   31.4%   (-8.5%)
Waist   down      8.5"
Weight down     31 lbs

Thanks again to everyone involved and to all the participants!  You're all amazing! 

Hope to see ya in the gym from time to time!

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